Lancaster County, PA Fire Departments

Complete Disaster Services would like to express gratitude to all the First Responders for their service in their local communities. We are thankful to have such well trained professionals serving the residents of Lancaster County, PA.

Complete Disaster Services has partnered with local fire stations in 2023 and in 2024 we would like to ramp up our presence with more. Together we can provide Lancaster County residents with more invaluable help and support in addition to working with local fire stations to make a difference for county residents.

There are events and activities we can help you support that will benefit the residents in your communities. We are beginning to schedule events now and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans for the upcoming year with the fire station Chief and leadership. Below is a brief list of suggested events to start the conversation so we can partner with you in 2024.

Pig Roast

Bingo Night

Open House

Chiefs Night


Complete Disaster Services will also be participating in the Lancaster County Fireman’s Association Annual Fire Expo on May 17th & 18th 2024. We look forward to networking with our existing partners and making new first responder connections. Stop by our booth in the Expo Hall and enter our drawing for the opportunity to win a $2,000 donation for your fire station.

Complete Disaster Services is proud to announce our 2024 Referral Program. The fee percentage is based on the project referred and CDS securing the business.

Complete Disaster Services can also donate the referral fee to the Fire Station that referred us to the emergency.

Call us 24/7 at (844)-777-7237

Thank you for your dedication and service.
Wayne Zimmerman